Why do you need maintenance on your air conditioning system every year? Is it necessary?
Every year while your system is running, it accumulates dirt, leaves and grass inside the coil, on the outdoor part of your system. When this happens, this makes your unit work harder to cool down your house, and makes your unit inefficient which costs you more on your power bill. We always recommend at least once a year getting your unit serviced. Or if your unit happens to be in an area that doesn't get much dirt, leaves and grass, every other year. 

What you get when you get your unit serviced by American Comfort Heating and Air, is the outdoor unit disassembled and cleaned, any leaves and debris removed from the bottom of the unit, check the compressor, capacitor, refrigerant charge, as well as the indoor coil sprayed down with disinfectant/degreaser, and check the wiring for any nicks/burn marks. So schedule your maintenance today and have your unit running at peak efficiency!

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